Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Manage Construction Projects

Manage Construction Projects. General Construction Projects.

Manage buildings construction projects are the process of bringing together the construction trades and specialized contractors, the project manual and permit, the project management guidelines, the designers, the City/Town, the owner, and the construction work.

The team  part of administration who managed building design will continue from building design to building construction, this team of workers are the project engineer, the program manager, and the senior project manager. The project description (specifications), resources (people are the trades and specialized contractors), time (schedule), cost (budget), quality (workmanship), and risk are all managed by us the project management group.

The project management group will manage the building construction team of construction trades and specialized contractors work when they are selected and contracted for the building construction. Each part of the construction work will be carried out not only based on the project specifications but also in a sequential manner to achieve the project cost and time schedule. This construction will meet the requirements of not only the building design but the City/Town and the owner. The work will be carefully controlled and closed in a measured manner to deliver the end product.



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