Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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A1 Building Design Const. PM

Animated Building Video

The work is all in HD720P and done in the BlackSmith Studios, the leading 3D animation firm in the Middle East. It features some of their in-house technologies such as Time-Lapse, Construction Simulation and Season Change. The result is some great building design concepts...

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GeoThermal Concepts

Take a moment to explore how a Geo Exchange system can tap into the earths constant temperature to be used for many applications.

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Skyscrapers 2010

Skyscrapers 2010 - The World's Tallest Buildings Third installment of the skyscraper video featuring the tallest buildings in the world, completed and under construction.

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Vertical Farming">

Vertical Farming Discovery's Matt Danzico investigates vertical farming, an agricultural concept aimed at growing food and raising animals in skyscrapers in city centers. Dim lights Embed Embed this video on your site

Floating Architecture

Our immediate challenge in terms of physical space due to rising shortage of land has led us once again to the threshold of redefining our dwelling. Here are some of the most interesting floating structures, a possible abode for our future generations.

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Design Buildings

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Computer Design and Drawings

Computer Design and Drawings - Computers are used to design and prepare drawings for today's projects. Computer drawings can be shared, the engineering and interior design team can use the architectural base already prepared, this method of use and sharing save...

Construction Specifications

Building construction specifications form part of the contract documents that accompany and govern the construction of a building. The guiding master document is the National MasterFormat. The Specifications fall into 50 "Divisions", or broad categories of work...

Architectural Rendering

 Architectural rendering, or architectural illustration. is the art of creating two-dimensional images showing the attributes of a proposed architectural design. Computer generated renderings Also known as photo-real renderings, complex 3d modeling and rendering...


Managed Projects

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Project Description & Resources

Project Description
The Scope Statement provides a common understanding of the project. A Scope Statement Document make it a part of the Project Plan. A work breakdown structure (WBS) is a tool used to define a project's discrete work elements (or tasks)...

Project Cost & Time

Project Cost & Budget
Quantity surveyor (QS) or Estimators work with the project design brief and designers drawings and specification to produce the project overall cost and budget at the many stages of the document development. The quantity surveyor...

Project Quality & Risk

Project Quantity Quality management ensure that the project outputs are delivered fit-for-purpose. It can be achieved by developing quality criteria for the outputs themselves and by ensuring that all project management processes are conducted in a quality manner. Project...


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