Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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City Inspections & Approvals

 Inspections & Approvals from City/Town, Designers, and Owner(s).

The Building Code requires contractors to give notice to the City or Town when the building is ready for inspections at each critical stage of construction. It is the construction project management team and the contractor's responsibility to contact the Building department to conduct the required inspections once the construction project starts. The Building Inspector can assist in determining which inspections are required for your particular project.

This aspect of the project gives assurances that the project is moving along with the reviews and approvals of the regulatory authorities and design team. The City/Town and designers all part of the project team are connecting their work with the construction, so to the construction team of construction management and trade contractors are working together with others for the progress of the construction or progress of the overall project.

The designers and regulatory (City/Town) team will continue to the end of the project until final approval and closure is given. The construction team of project management and trades contractors will work together with these different agents and the owner or owner's representative to get the project to that stage of closure. What the project requires are as follows; public power and utilities, bylaws and codes, the design intent, and most of all the owner's end product checked as completed and in operation ready to occupy.

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