Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Building Permits

Building Permits. We Prepare Permit Drawings & Obtain Cities/Towns Building Permit(s).

The Project Design Teams prepares architectural and engineering drawings with all applicable building codes and regulations. Building Code Consultants or BCIN Designers prepare the report or their information can be placed on the drawings depending on the project type and complexity. The architectural drawings carry the basic building codes information shown on the OBC Matrix at the front page, all other drawings reflect the OBC information.

The City/Town review, request information when required, and issue a building permit. There are the architectural and structural permit, HVAC permit, Plumbing Permit, Demolition Permit, and Other Permits.

When is a Building Permit required? 
You will need a building permit if you plan to:
  • Construct a new building
  • Any addition to an existing building
  • Structural alterations
  • Renovate, repair or add to a building
  • Demolish or remove all or a portion of a building
  • Change a building's use
  • Install, change, or remove partitions and load bearing walls
  • Make new openings for, or change the size of, doors and windows
  • Build a garage, balcony or deck
  • Excavate a basement or construct a foundation
  • Install or modify heating, plumbing or air-conditioning systems
  • Install or reconstruct chimneys or fireplaces
  • An accessory structure larger than 108 sq. ft. in area
  • A deck more than 24" above ground
  • A wood burning stove/fireplace installation
  • A basement entrance
  • A Second Suite
  • New or altered plumbing

A construction permit or building permit is a permit required in most jurisdictions for new construction, or adding on to pre-existing structures, and in some cases for major renovations. Generally, the new construction must be inspected during construction and after completion to ensure compliance with national, regional, and local building codes. Failure to obtain a permit can result in significant fines and penalties, and even demolition of unauthorized construction if it cannot be made to meet code.


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