Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Build and Renovate Buildings - General Construction  

This project management group takes the project from the design stage to construction. Project Engineer, Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor plan the project with a budget cost and schedule time. Trades and trade contractors are scheduled to perform the construction work.

The designers, City, and Owner/Client are part of the construction process. The designers assist with what’s being built are what designed. Inspections and approvals performed by the City and other authorities.  The Owner/Client see the building project come to reality.

Trades and trade contractors carry out their work base on the project management plan, contract documents, and City building construction permits and inspections. Clearing the building site, excavation, foundation, structure, building envelope, interior construction, services, to obtaining occupancy permit. The construction trades and trades contractors all work together to make the project a reality.

 The end product is a building project completed which the owner required or needed, the design professionals placed on paper, and the construction team built, and the City or Town inspected and approved. The building is a green sustainable renewable energy fully automated building less expensive to operate and friendly to the environment.


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